Preventative Maintenance Plan

Maintenance agreements are quickly becoming the cornerstone of the HVAC industry. It’s the most important process to protect your investment of a heating and cooling system. It lowers utility bills while increasing efficiency and performance. It also allows us to prevent costly future repairs.


  •     Lower utility bill
  •     Regularly scheduled service
  •     Priority status
  •     No overtime rates
  •     15% discount on parts and labor
  •     Two-year warranty on repairs
  •     Improved performance and capacity

 Precision tune-up includes:

  •     Monitor refrigerant levels
  •     Measure amps and voltage of all components
  •     Test and clean starting components
  •     Inspect and lubricate all moving parts
  •     Flush and clean drain lines and condensate pumps
  •     Wash condenser coils
  •     Inspect evaporator coils (when accessible)
  •     Check temperate difference
  •     Check air flow
  •     Test and inspect all safeties
  •     Visual duct inspection
  •     Test electric heating elements
  •     Clean or change air filters
  •     Inspect all contractors and relays
  •     Test defrost cycle (hp)
  •     Monitor metering devices
  •     Inspect breakers, fuses, and disconnects
  •     Inspect reversing valve (hp)
  •     Test and calibrate thermostat
  •     Monitor and adjust gas pressure (gas)
  •     Test and clean flame sensors (gas)
  •     Inspect heat exchangers for cracks (gas, oil)
  •     Inspect flue pipe (gas, oil)
  •     Inspect and clean burners (gas)
  •     Test for carbon monoxide (gas)
  •     Test combustion air and draft (gas, oil) Check vacuum pressure (gas)

*Some of the checks are only for air conditioners, heat pumps, gas, or oil. Some checks are only available if readily accessible.
**Extremely dirty indoor coils or blowers will have an additional charge for cleaning and will be quoted up front.

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